Ear Plugs

Professional and personal ear plugs:
  • Swim mold.
  • Sleep plugs.
  • Noise plugs.
  • Shooting ear plugs.
  • Musician plugs.
  • Custom communication device plugs.

Battery Club

You need fresh batteries to keep your hearing aids functioning at its best. We carry fresh and reliable batteries. Come by to pick them up or call our office to mail you a fresh pack today! Sign up for our battery club, when buy 9 packs and receive the 10th FREE. In addition, receive a fresh battery pack on your birthday when you join our Family Hearing Club.

Wireless Streaming

Thanks to bluetooth, now you are able to hear better on your cell phone or listen to television and enjoy listening to music. Many hearing aids now can use a TV accessory to stream the audio signal directly into the hearing aids, allowing for a much clearer and cleaner signal.

Amplified Captioned Phone

This amplified headset provides up to 50dB of amplification in addition to a visual transcript of the conversation for effortless communication. ClearCaptions phone captioning service is funded by the U.S. government and provided for U.S. residents only.

Hearing-Aid Care Kit

Everything you need to maintain your hearing aids. The kit includes a standard dry aid kit, 2 oz. bottle of Audiologist’s Choice disinfectant/cleaner, tool kit, battery tester and wax filter pack.