Not Sure What You Need?

A consultation appointment lasts approximately 1 hour. Questionnaires will be provided before the appointment to determine hearing difficulties, lifestyle, and desired and/or needed device features.

We recommend that you bring a friend or a family member to the appointment.

Once a hearing test is performed, additional screenings are performed to study cognition, balance, and dexterity to make appropriate recommendations and referral to appropriate specialists. In addition further audiological testing including comfortable and uncomfortable listening levels, acceptable noise levels, speech in noise testing, auditory processing screening, tinnitus evaluation and cochlear dead region testing are performed to determine how an individual does in different situations and how much noise one can handle. This helps to determine if additional noise reduction technology is required and if a patient will benefit from assistive listening devices, FM systems, and hearing aid accessories.

It is possible that the hearing loss is associated with medical problems, in such cases, you will be referred to an ear nose and throat (ENT) physician for medical management. Based on the results of the additional screenings, other referrals for further testing and/or evaluation may be necessary. If the hearing test results indicate hearing aid candidacy then our Audiologist will guide you through the process of hearing aid selection based on your hearing goals, lifestyle goals, and budget. We recommend that you bring a friend or a family member to the appointment.


Comfortable and uncomfortable listening levels, Speech in Noise testing $30
Acceptable noise levels: $20
Auditory processing screening: $65
Cochlear dead region testing: $25
Usually not covered by insurance and payment is collected during the time of visit.