Hearing Aids

At Family Hearing Services, we believe in education our patients and have developed a guide to hearing aids and better hearing. This guide provides information on how to choose the right hearing care professional and the right technology.

Hearing aid technology has improved significantly in the recent years making it possible to help people hear better in the more demanding listening situations. We work with all major manufacturers such as Phonak, Oticon, Widex, ReSound, Unitron, Starkey & Signia. With digital technology there is better control on the loudness, clarity, and noise reduction parameters making it easier to hear in large group situations and outdoor gatherings.

Custom Hearing Aids

These models are custom made to fit the shape and size of the ear and are appropriate for mild to severe hearing loss. This includes the smallest and virtually invisible hearing aid that sits deeper in the ear canal.

Non-Custom Hearing Aids

These models are behind the ear hearing aids (BTE) and Receiver in the canal aids (RIC) and are worn behind the ear, appropriate for mild to severe hearing loss. They have a sleek design and are available in several different colors.