Our Options and Pricing

At Family Hearing Services, our pricing is itemized and transparent. After which our patients can choose to pay for the services as they occur or purchase a service package (Click here to learn more about our service options).
This helps us to truly customize treatment options not only based on patient’s hearing and lifestyle needs but also their budget

Premium Technology: $4994/set

Designed for dynamic lifestyles, providing optimum flexibility and performance in a broad range of demanding listening environments. From attending meetings and social events to relaxing and reading a book, the Premium Treatment Plan is designed for use in a much wider variety of listening environments, including those with higher levels of background noise.

Advanced Technology: $3994/set

Designed for energetic lifestyles to provide excellent flexibility and performance in a variety of listening environments. The Advanced Treatment Plan is perfectly suited for those who enjoy many activities in less crowded environments with only moderate levels of background noise.

Standard Technology: $3494/set

Designed for moderately social lifestyles, which can often experience one on one conversations or in small groups.  The Standard Treatment Plan is designed for lifestyles with mostly low levels of background noise.

Essential Technology: $2594/set

Designed for someone who is social and around environments with minimal background noise. Ideal for those who prefer to relax at home with some regular social outings where less background noise is present. The Basic Treatment Plan can adequately handle a quieter hearing lifestyle.

Entry Technology: $1994/set

Designed for very calm lifestyles, the Economy Treatment Plan provides appropriate performance for communication mostly in quiet, less demanding listening situations.